FAQs & else


For help with a riddle, feedback, ideas or new riddles please write me an email:


1.)    Why are some answers missing?

        Because its more fun that way.

2.)    Why are some answers not complete?   

        See 1.)                                           

3.)    I’m goin nuts how can I get the answer?

        Write me a mail.

4.)    What are those stars (*)?

            Easy = *

            Medium = **

            Hard = ***

            Very hard = ****

5.)    What is that big star?

Riddles with this sign are my own creations.


Illustrations for the riddels (b/w) were made by Febrianto Pudi Utama (Pufutama). Check out his website http://www.pufutama.com/. The artist can be contacted over his webpage or via Freelancer (pufutama).