Galactic Riddle ***

The Intergalactic Council is debating on whether humans are worthy of receiving a membership invitation or not. To test humanity's worth, the Council abducts 10 humans and gets them seated at an abandoned cinema. The humans all sit behind each other, meaning that the one sitting in the highest position can see the other 9, the one directly below him can see only 8, and so on.

The humans are told that each one will receive either a blue or a red wig (aliens are weird that way). They have time to discuss their options before the test starts, but once the wigs are handed out no communication whatsoever will be allowed (including different intonation of voice or whatever other trick they may want to pull). The guy sitting on the highest position will start, telling the others what he thinks his hat color is. Then, the one with the second highest seat will follow suit, and so on with the rest. The group must get at least 9 wig colors correct. How can they manage that and prove humanity's worth?

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